Fruit Notes

Editors: Wesley R. Autio and Winfred P. Cowgill, Jr.

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Fruit Notes was the first UMass publication to be digitized under the Boston Library Consortium/Internet Archive Digitization Project. This projects goal is to digitize volumes of historical significance to the various institutions in the consortium. We are very pleased to have Fruit Notes recognized this way.

The first column in the table to the right includes pdf versions of the individual tables of contents. The center column includes a flip-page version of all issues within the years noted. The last column links to the various versions, including simple text, pdf, and DjVu.

We hope that you enjoy this resource and find it to be useful.

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1935-2006 Combined Table of Contents

You can search within the individual files in the Tables of Contents using the search feature (binocular icon) within Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™.

The flip-page version has an excellent search feature, and you can search within the DjVu version as well.

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